Monday, October 8, 2007

Durga Returns Home!

Last week, I took Durga (the older Balinese kitten) in for a spay and hernia repair. The vet found unexpected congenital problems, which she fixed, but didn't think Durga would survive post-op. To everyone's surprise, Durga did survive and three days later drank water, started eating on day four and today on day six, I brought her back home. She's glad to be home and see her little brother Madhu (who was very lonely, but enjoyed the one-one attention). He's been checking and cleaning her and vice a versa.

Her vet, Dr. Kirkpatrick, called Durga, "miracle kitten" and I am also very grateful to Dr. K at the Kitty Klinic for her miracle-making surgery and post-op care. Of course, shakti Durga showed every one.

Madhu (left) checks out Durga's stitches

Madhu cleans while Durga sleeps.....

Thanks to everyone for their concern and healing thoughts during this time! Back to other works and topics soon, including continued monitoring of Bangladesh internet, Eid Shopping, and garment worker woes. An early Eid Mubarak to Nari Jibon office and Bangladeshi-Muslim friends.

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