Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 5: Offline activism | Uncensor your phonebooth-tags-website

On Day 5, we are supposed to take back the content of our sites and links through assorted snippets, business cards in phone boooths (the latter rarely exist any more...more like phone shops where you can pay to make a mobile call--and cyber cafes that are unsecure for women).

I've done another tag cloud from a post last December on International Day Against Violence Against Sex workers this post has had many readers, mostly due to the tag words and less so on the content and message of violence against sex workers. I've had similar results when I mentioned sex workers' struggles post Sidr cyclone and the failure of relief agencies to give supplies, protection, and relief.

So I am reasserting my own tags, especially those that attract the attention of men looking for certain girls and maybe even a few ISP links and computer users from Qatar and Saudia Arabia (most common) who are searching for such girls!

For an excellent blog, articles, and analyses on such issues including sex workers' own voices and phone booths(!), see Laura Agustín's Border Thinking on Migration and Trafficking: Culture, Economy and Sex

Here's the link/picture of a London phone booth that she mentions in her comment below.

Also Regina Lynn describes how the Desiree Alliance and SWOP (regional sex worker outreach projects) in USA have used Twitter, Tumbler iphones, and Google docs to create media blitzes. The Alliance and projects have their own blogs, for example, Bound, Not Gagged. These have evolved around episodes involving sex workers such as Ashley Alexandra Dupré and Elliot Spitzer in New York and get sex workers' voices-perspectives into mainstream media, while fending off reporters' questions on how to find an escort service among other things.


Laura Agustín said...

Hello! I've got a nice shot of a London phone booth with cards on my site at
The phone-card industry is alive and well in London, where the Council pays people to take down thousands every day but sex workers put them back up in similar amounts.
Laura Agustín

kbw said...

thanks for your comment. if you can read her link, go to her site and the 13 nov post. or here is her photo link

in Bangladesh i haven't seen so many cards, but from 2002-onward many sex workers had mobile or cell phones before the rest of the population. no real phone booths, either...just phone shops. now some more internet presence, but escort service.