Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bangladesh Bijoy Din/Victory Day-37 Years

Today 16 Dec 07 marks 37 years since the Victory of Bangladeshi forces over Pakistan.

This resilient country--Bangladesh--has survived despite many natural and human-made challeges.

This past week has been marked by many media pieces on the historical events leading up to and during the Liberation War, the birangana women--raped and tortured by Pakistani forces and collaborators during the war and later ostracised as they lived in their own country. Many articles recalled the intellectual and cultural martyrs murdered by Pakistani forces and their Bangladeshi collaborators in the two days preceding Pakistan's surrender. The

This is also a time of mixed feelings with nearly one year of the Caretaker government (backed by the Military), no elections until end of 2008, the continued sufferings of survivors of Cyclone Sidr as detailed by reports on BBC, who have fallen off the international and local media's radar.

You can read more about these historical events in Mash and his historical documents, and some current perspectives in some profound columns by Rumi and incisive analysis (and good flag graphic) by Rezwan.

Liberation War Memorial, Savar, 2003, kbw

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