Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday-Mr. Ripon-Bijoy Bhai--

Bijoy Bhai e Mr. Bunny

Besides Victory Day, another significant event occurred on 16 Dec 1971: the birth of Md. Ripon Miah Sarkar, also known as Mr. Ripon, driver & logistics person to many foreigners bideshis, proud father of two daughters, devoted husband, uncle mama to many, and driver-business owner. Despite a struggled life where he had to stop school at class 5 to support his mother, he has worked very hard to develop and educate himself and build his driving business. Without his expert driving, translation, logistical support, and ability to work-drive with many different kinds of people on six of my seven trips, I would not have been able to do my research. If you are interested in his driving services, you can contact me and/or the Nari Jibon office.

daughter 1, 2, wife
Ripon and daughter 2

helper, Ripon's late mother, kbw, daughter1

Ripon "mama" with Isaac Zaman, son of Katie Zaman
Fulbright Fellow and co-founder, Nari Jibon,

Shovo Jonno Din (happy birthday) Mr. Ripon Bhai!

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Addy said...

Happy Birthday Mr Ripon! :D You must be an encouragement to many.

P.S. Came over from Oso's site.