Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day 11/Take Back the Gifs--Websites, Links

heads-up--some blinking graphics today!

Today, the Take Back the Tech site calls for taking-moving any of your stencils-designs-mottos outside, including putting mottos such as Take Back the Tech on your papers, posters, t-shirts, mugs, pets (!) and so forth. Thinking about translating these mottos into assorted languages. I'm working on getting Take Back the Tech into Bangla.

You can see other activities and mottos from all regions of the world on the Take Back the Tech site. For some reason, my Balinese kittens have resisted taking on such mottos & blinking GIFs even in cute photo-ops, and have decided to sleep peacefully on my lap in solidarity with this campaign rather than walking on the keyboard (their favorite activity).

In looking around other sites, I've found some other interesting links and gif files. On Ultra Violet and a post on missing women in Indian history (a site for young feminists and a gorgeous header) , there are other file links: Open Democracy's 50:50VAW and gender blogs.
This eye-catching butterfly reminded me of some brilliant blue (and black) ones that I saw in New Zealand in 2002. See also this link for some other interesting gender blogs and campaigns.

UNFPA also has a campaign page including a story on the five most underreported forms of gender-based violence and an interesting GIF-graphic of hands that links to a list of 16 types of gender-based violence and how UNFPA is addressing them.

These are just some graphics that have caught my sociological attention, which must now return to more mundane tasks of reading seminar papers rather than blog surfing....

be safe, warm (snow and ice over much of northern USA), and a productive-creative activist--offline, too.

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