Sunday, December 9, 2007

Day-15/secure online communication-apps-cats

The Take Back The Tech folks have a neat set of Portable apps to make your on-line activities safer and more fun. Given that many women (and men) around the world can only access computers and the internet via cyber cafes, safe and secure computing is a must. In the not- so- recent past (heck, some of us actually used punch cards), if we wanted to move from computer to computer. we would use large/small diskettes to transfer data (who has a disk drive any more, much less zip or jaz disks), and now we can use USB memory keys (including very tiny ones) or even external hard drives with 160 gb or more are the size of an index card and about 1/2 in or 1.27 cm thick. All this mobility means more chances for viruses and spyware to migrate around and with us as we move from computer, in particular, in countries such as Bangladesh, which has very poor anti-virus software, especially the self-updating kind. Hence give Take Back the Tech portable apps-toolkit a try you will need a memory key or flash driver with 1gb free space and/or a portable hard drive.

as to the cats (kittens-half sib blue point balinese):

insecure kittens who want to hide from computer, webcam (aug 07):

left: durga right: mahdu

secure--take back the tech cats---
appraise how they change the computer settings, walk on the keyboard & delete kbw's operating system files, dec 07

left: durga right: madhu

Monday 10 dec 07, Human Rights Day

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