Thursday, December 27, 2007

¡Hola desde Honduras!

Greetings from Honduras. I´ve left the kittens with a capable cat sitter, tried to work on my BangSpanglish, y have fled the snow-ice of Illinois to go south to Honduras to visit my friend y world traveler, Sandra Erika Gómez Osorio (M.S. SIUC 1992).

She is La Directora, OYE Adelante Jóvenes in El Progreso, which provides scholarships to high risk youth and with volunteers from around the world, OYE conducts arts-sports-communication programs. This week I will meet with Las Panchas, a group of young female video-makers. I will post more pictures-videos of El Progreso (a large suburb outside of San Pedro Sula) as they become available.


Shawn A said...

I am so glad you arrived safe and sound in Honduras! And just in time to skip out on much of the winter cold too!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I was born in El Progreso, and it is no suburb of San Pedro Sula. It's its own city, its own "municipio", and has its own culture and personality. Sorry, just neede to say that.

kbw said...

Dear Anon:

thanks for commenting. you are right and i have learned more that El Progresso is a municipio with its own life-culture-ambiance-infrastructure.